Basic price list

Item Price
Working place rental 50 CZK / hour
Small meeting room rental – 5 persons 150 CZK / hour
Big meeting room rental – 15 persons 350 CZK / hour
Babysitting  age 3-6 125 CZK / hour
Babysitting age up to 3 years- individual 150 CZK / hour
Every other kid 100 CZK / hour
Play area entrance per day 50 CZK / child

If you exceed prepaid hour by 15 min, we will charge you for 1 hour. The price list is valid from 1.1.2015, no VAT. We do not accept credit cards, sorry. For seminars and other activities please send your payments to our bank account in FIO bank number: 2800778362/2010.


Rules we kindly ask you to follow in our family center read here provozním řádu MAM Prostor.

Cancelation conditions:

If you need to cancel your reservation (office space, meeting room), please do so 48 hours before. You can send us an email or call our mobile phone 727 877 199. In case of cancelation in less than 48 hours time we have very little chance to find replacement for you and therefore we have to charge you 60% of the price as a cancelation fee. Thank you for understanding.

MINI nursery price list excluding EU registration:

Half day nursery (4 hours), Full day nursery (9 hours). Price based on number of days in certain month.

No days/month Morning block
8:00 – 12:00
full-day block
1-5 days/month daily rate 400 Kč daily rate 625 Kč
6-10 days/month daily rate 374 Kč daily rate 612 Kč
11-14 days/month daily rate 366 Kč daily rate 516 Kč
15-18 days/month daily rate 360 Kč daily rate 493 Kč
19-21 days/month daily rate 349 Kč daily rate 475 Kč
  • Meal is not included in price. Snack = 20 CZK, lunch = 40 CZK, whole day meal 2x snack + 1x lunch = 80 CZK.
  • Cancelation fee 40%
  • One time entrance 125,00 CZK/ 1 hour.
  • For extra hours we charge 150 CZK per hour (babysitting after MINI nursery opening hours).
  • For no walking kids we offer individual babysitting for 150 CZK per hour.
  • All the prices are valid and final as of 1.5.2018. We do not pay VAT.

Find the special price list for donation Nursery here.

Use your employee benefits

You can use all bellow listed benefits to pay for our services, just mention it ahead. Thank you.

sodexo Flexi Pass, Smart Pass, Dárkový Pass, Fokus Pass
ticket-benefits_2010 Ticket Multi, Ticket Sport&kultura, Ticket Academica, Ticket Compliments, Ticket Junior
logo-benefit plus For adults: Language course, debates, workshops, nutrition consulting, psychology consulting, exercise.

For children: MINI nursery, individual babysitting, Montessori lessons; Suburban camps.

logo-benefity For adults: Language course, debates, workshops, nutrition consulting, psychology consulting, exercise.

For children: MINI nursery, short term babysitting, Montessori lessons; Suburban camps.

Baby friendly coffee

You can choose from our offer of cold and hot drinks and small snacks. For your meeting we can arrange special refreshment based on your needs.

Bonaqua non-sparkling 0,5 l 22 CZK
Bonaqua sparkling 0,5 l 22 CZK
Cappy orange, multivitamin, apple, strawberry 0,33 l 30 CZK
Cappy Junior apple, strawberry, multivitamin 0,25 l 26 CZK
Green barley Green Way 0,3l 18 CZK
Homemade squashes
Lemonade 25 CZK
Hot beverages
Loose tea TeeGschwendner served in teapot 30 CZK
Tea bags TeeGschwendner 0,33 l, 25 CZK
Cocoa 25 CZK
Caro original – soluble cereal drink no caffeine 20 CZK
100% rooibos. 0% caffeine. Loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants
Red espresso 28 CZK
Red latte 39 CZK
Red cappuccino 35 CZK
Espresso 22 CZK
Double espresso 28 CZK
Cappuccino 30 CZK
Latte macchiato 35 CZK
Café Au Lait 35 CZK
Alcoholic beverages
Wine white, red 0,1 l 25 CZK
Beer alcoholic / nonalcoholic 35 CZK


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