Family and community center with a wide range of activities

The aim of our non-profit organisation is to ensure affordable childcare to help parents reconcile their professional and personal life. We care about gender equality and we help mothers to return to their professional life after maternity leave. Overall, we care about improving the social status of women / mothers in today’s society.

Our main interest is organizing family activities and activity groups for children from 5 months to 15 years of age, where we aim to develop both, the physical and mental aspects of the child. Thanks to subsidies from the EU and Prague 5, most of our activities are free or for a symbolic entrance fee.

In addition, the MAM Prostor Non-profit Association ensures the operation of the Children’s Group, also financed by EU subsidies.

Overview of our services:

With us you will feel at home. We are housed in a family villa with garden and forest views. In front of the building you can park comfortably, although from 18.11. 2019 we have blue parking zones in the area.

And who is behind the foundation of MAM Prostor?

Kateřina Reichertová, Chairwoman

She worked successfully in marketing agencies for 16 years. At the end of 2013, however, it was time for change and Katka decided to start looking for a way for a balanced work and family life for both her and other parents. That’s why she founded the MAM Prostor project, where everyone can find their own space for an activity they didn’t have time for.



Spolek MAM Prostor
IČO: 04302427
U teplárny 1174/3, Košíře, 158 00 Praha 5
Tel: +420 727 877 199
Bank account: 15000150/2010

Code of rules of MAM Prostor Non-profit Association

Remember to also read our General business conditions and the Data protection code.

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