Pricelist Little Steps


We want to reward those who are serious about learning. Therefore, the price depends on the frequency of payments. We offer 3 payment options: per month, per semester(16 weeks) and annual (32 weeks).

To compare the price of the individual rates, see the table below. The hourly rate is only for comparison with other courses.

  Hourly rate Daily rate Annual rate
(32 weeks)
Annual payment 100 CZK 900 CZK 28 800 CZK
Payment per semester 120 CZK 1 000 CZK 32 000 CZK
Monthly payment 140 CZK 1 200 CZK 38 400 CZK

Other expenses:

  • One-time purchase of WOW! learining materials at the start of the course (workbook and access to the on-line application) 1 000CZK per school year.
  • All-day meals (snack, lunch, snack) 160 CZK / day. Meals are ordered and invoiced monthly at the beginning of each month according to the number of sessions in the given month.

Absence policy: In case of an absence, it is possible to attend an extra session in one of the following weeks on a different day (ie. twice in one week). There are no refunds for pre-oedered meals. For a substitute session, you can order extra meals or bring your own.

14 days money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied after first two sessions or your child does not enjoy the sessions we guarantee a refund of your deposit.

How to pay: The tuition is paid on the basis of the issued invoice according to the selected frequency of payments (monthly, per semester, annual). The monthly invoice for meals is issued separately.

Within the 14-day money back guarantee period, the first invoice will be issued as an advance payment of 20% of the selected tariff (per semester or annual) and the remaining amount will be charged after the warranty period has expired. For monthly membership, the first full invoice will be issued and will be returned to your account if a refund is requested. Invoices for the next period will be issued for the full amount.

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