Den otevřených dveří

Open days

Choosing the right type of English lessons for your child is a really tough task. So that you and your children can experience how it works in Little steps, we have prepared Open days for you on Wednesday 24.6. and on Wednesday 9.9. from 9.00 am till 12.00 pm.

Choose the date and time of the sample lesson that suits you best. The sample lesson will last 20 minutes and you can take part with your child. Book your time HERE:

At an early age, children are still very shy and timid. Therefore, if your child does not fully participate in the sample lesson, do not give up. If you personally like the programme, enroll your child  as we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. This is enough time to see if our programme is beneficial for your child.

The demonstration lesson is teaching only. We will be happy to provide you with other operational information at the reception desk.

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