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All-day English lessons for pre-school kids

Little Steps offers a day full of activities in English for children aged 4-6 years following the WOW! method and project teaching methods. Children who already speak English fluently can apply, but also children who have not met the language yet. Our aim is to playfully improve and support the language skills of children as they explore the world around them naturally. Compared to other programs we offer a full day course 1 day a week. The advantage for children is that they can work in projects and acquire the skills throughout the day with all their senses. This will teach the selected language much faster and deeper..

We have prepared two pogrammes for children aged 4-6 years.

  • Beginner Steps offers the first introduction to the language for children who have not yet met English. The first session starts on 14.9. and will be held every Monday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Intermediate Steps is a program for children who already speak English and our goal is to develop their language knowledge and skills deeper. The first session starts on 16.9. and will be held every Wednesday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

The all-day program is led by 2 tutors (1 native speaker, 1 Czech speaking), who take turns in teaching. Sessions follow the school year in 32 weeks. Children come for 1 full day a week instead of going to kindergarten. Maximum capacity of the group is 12 children,minimum occupancy for opening the class is 6 children. During the day we provide children with a drinks and all-day meals. After lunch, the children relax during story time. 

The WOW! methodology

We want children to learn English the same way they learn their native language, so we teach during natural activities. We work continually with WOW! materials that arein line with their skills at a particular stage of their development. We set adequate learning goals that children naturally achieve at each stage.

Wow! materials are based on the latest psycholinguistic knowledge and have proved their worth throughout the world. They practice and consolidate new knowledge and skills through experiential learning and emotional memory. They motivate communication and present the necessary vocabulary in a practical context. With the purchase of WOW! learning materials you get a colorful workbook with activities related to video stories and video songs, which you can also access on on-line video portal.

The project teaching method gives children the oportunity to learn at their own pace using all their senses while promoting co-operation and friendship with each other.  Children learn through solving practical problems over a period of days or weeks in groups or individualy. We motivate children to actively find answers to their „Why?“ and „How?“ questions through their own experience as well as to gain independece in the every day life.

The project teaching method gives children the opportunity to learn at their own pace with all their senses, while promoting mutual cooperation and friendship between children. Children learn to solve practical problems within days or weeks in groups or even individually. We motivate children to actively seek answers to their questions “Why?” And “How?” Through their own experiences and to gain independence in everyday life.

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